Saturday, October 31, 2020


Commitment, Energy, and Dedication

I am voting for Noel Bishop for re-election as first selectman. I have observed for many years his commitment, energy, and dedication. I believe that our first selectman needs a strong work ethic. Noel has an open-door policy and is always willing to listen. He makes every effort to follow through on reasonable requests. He is not afraid to make decisions and is never satisfied with the status quo.

He is civil and respectful of others and he has the patience that is important to arrive at a consensus in the decisions that are important. He has earned my trust and he is always engaging our residents and ensuring, through the Board of Selectmen, that constituent’s requests are addressed and acted on in a timely manner. We need an individual like him who has an action plan for the future.

By re-electing Noel Bishop, we know what kind of person he is and that he will continue to serve us with the same integrity and commitment.

Lee McNamar