Sunday, September 27, 2020


An Incredible Addition

Our Harbor Management Commission (HMC) is tasked with overseeing all matters relating to Old Saybrook’s waterfront areas, docking facilities, and breakwaters. Lou Vinciguerra offers a professional résumé of 37 years as a civil engineer/project manager for the U.S. Coast Guard. He has managed marine construction projects across the United States.

Whether a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we can all agree that our coastline is one of our town’s greatest assets and sets Old Saybrook apart from every other municipality in Connecticut. Ensuring the proper management and oversight of our waterways and marinas should be a top priority for all residents.

Lou Vinciguerra’s professional experience makes him an ideal candidate for the HMC. He offers a unique background and depth of professional knowledge. He would be an incredible addition to our town’s commission.

I encourage your readers to elect Lou Vinciguerra to the HMC.

Al Bundonis
Old Saybrook