Monday, September 21, 2020


A Serious Accusation

It is with great disgust that I am driven to respond to petitioning mayoral candidate Oni Sioson’s comment [Sept. 26 letter “Divide and Conquer”] concerning Democratic mayoral candidate Joe Carfora’s statement “one of us for all of us” as an appeal to those of Italian heritage. His comment appears to me to be nothing more than a third-party candidate grasping for votes.

When I read Joe Carfora’s statement, I understood it to mean “one East Havener for all East Haveners.” I am not a supporter of any candidate and had hoped Joe Maturo would have run again.

Why would Joe Carfora try to appeal to only one heritage when in Sioson’s words East Haven is a diverse community? To make such a serious accusation and then state that he may have misread Mr. Carfora’s statement is totally inexcusable and distasteful.

I can assure Mr. Sioson that those of what he calls “Italian heritage,” which includes me, will be voting for who we feel will best serve the citizens of East Haven.

Andrew Gambardella
East Haven