Sunday, September 27, 2020


Oversight, Guidance, and Support

When I moved to Old Saybrook a couple of years ago, Alfred “Chub” Wilcox was one of the first people I met. We become friends over the ensuing months, as I found we shared a lot of common interests and values. Among these are an appreciation for what a truly wonderful town we live in and the importance of maintaining the high quality of life here in Old Saybrook.

Over the past several months, Chub has served as an appointed member of the Old Saybrook Police Commission. He is now a candidate for this position in the town election on Nov. 5. This position is well-suited for Chub as he has a 40-plus year background as an attorney. Also, since he is now retired, he has the time needed to devote to the important work of this commission. In his time on the commission, he has displayed both enthusiasm and initiative in providing oversight, guidance, and support to the Old Saybrook Police Department in its job of keeping the town a safe place to live.

Although Chub is on the Democratic slate in this election, I believe that party affiliation is secondary to the qualities of the individual candidates. In addition to his legal background, the main reason I support Chub is that he has displayed a keen ability to not only hear what others say, but to really listen to their thoughts and concerns. I believe his campaign slogan should be, “When you speak your mind, Wilcox will listen.” I hope the voters of Old Saybrook will give him the chance to listen to and speak for them when they vote on Nov. 5.

Peter Bowler
Old Saybrook