Sunday, September 27, 2020


Executive and Professional Experience

I write in support of Rick Swan, Carol Rzasa, and Tom Stevenson for the Board of Finance and Susan Quish, Carl Van Dassel, Jeff Jordan, and Joe Maselli for the Police Commission.

This year, the Republican party cast a wide net for greater citizen involvement and we were incredibly successful. Candidates with extensive executive and professional experience came forward and are now willing to serve on these important boards and commissions. I encourage your readers to visit the Republican Party website where they will be able to read more about our candidates. I think they will be impressed.

We are running citizens who have come forward and want to serve their fellow citizens. From Lou Vinciguerra and Robert Murphy for Harbor Management Commission to Tom Cox and Bob Missel on the Planning Commission to Jackie Prast on the Zoning Board of Appeals, you will not find more qualified people.

On Nov. 5, I encourage your readers to vote the Republican ticket.

Joan Broadhurst
Old Saybrook