Sunday, May 16, 2021


Stand Up to Hartford

Madison taxpayers have reason to worry with some of the proposals coming from our new governor and his party leadership. It seems more than ever that whenever new ideas to raise state revenues are suggested, towns like Madison are targeted. State Senate President Martin Looney (D-11) has proposed that each homeowner pay additional property taxes to the state. This is over and above what we pay already. Also, Governor Ned Lamont is proposing that towns take over paying a part of the teachers pension liability. We all know our teachers have worked hard for their pensions and have paid into them. Unfortunately the state has not met its fiscal obligations and wants towns to bail them out.

I like the way Tom Banisch has stepped up in taking leadership roles with municipal coalitions to block these money grabs. We need a town leader who will stand up to Hartford and work with our state delegation to protect the Madison taxpayers. I encourage your readers to join me in re-electing Tom Banisch.

Carol Brennan