Sunday, May 16, 2021


More than Qualified

When we think of the responsibilities of our first selectman, I believe we go too quickly to beach passes, fire trucks, paving, etc.—the basics of town government.

Recent events have certainly shown that we need a better manager as Madison’s chief executive. But given the long list of problems that have remained unsolved for far too long, I believe we need more than just a competent administrator.

I want a first selectman who always has at top of mind four simple questions: One, are we doing the best possible job of preparing our children for the future? Two, what things make residents feel proud of our town—what makes them want to live here? Three, is Madison a better place to live today than it was five years ago? Fourth, what must we do to make Madison a better place to live five years from now?

Where did I get this list? I got it from many hours of talking with and listening to Peggy Lyons, candidate for first selectman. These are her concerns. They’re the concerns of a mother with children in our schools, of someone whose family has deep roots in Madison, of a dedicated citizen who has already served our town on the police commission and Board of Finance.

Peggy is a great listener. Open dialog, respect for the opinions of others, and building consensus are important to her. With Peggy we get a total package: She has the education (Cornell B.A., Wharton MBA) and experience (17 years in finance and business planning) that make her more than qualified to be the town’s chief executive. Plus, she has the vision, concern, and forward-thinking leadership that will put Madison on a solid course to a better future.

That’s why I strongly support Peggy Lyons for first selectman.

Paul Kessinger