Sunday, May 16, 2021


Skills, Vision, and Integrity

Madison is in dire need of effective leadership. Over the last four years, it has become increasingly evident that our first selectman, Tom Banisch, is not meeting this requirement. There is so much unfinished business with this administration. A strategic plan has been created but has no actionable items. The downtown development project has been started but not finished. The beach pass system was revised, disastrously ineffective, and its updated status remains unclear. There are many other examples as well.

In addition to a great deal of unfinished business, the first selectman seems deaf to public sentiment. The community did not want Academy School developed into condos. It was clear in the public hearings and it was clear in the scientific poll that the taxpayers paid for. Yet he continues to be dismissive of the ad hoc committee and recent telephone polling suggests he continues to disagree with the survey findings and overall public sentiment.

As citizens of Madison, we deserve better than this. I am voting for Peggy Lyons for first selectman in November because I know she has the organizational skills, vision, and integrity needed for the job. We need a person who will put the town’s needs and perspective above her needs or beliefs. I know she will educate the public on topics that impact our community and be accountable when efforts don’t succeed. She will ensure that there are open discussions based on unbiased data.

When the community speaks, she will ensure their choices will be executed as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is the leadership that Madison deserves and that is why I encourage your readers to support Peggy on Nov. 5.

Joan Walker

Joan Walker chairs the Democratic Town Committee.