Monday, January 18, 2021


Friendship, Kindness, and Service

Sometimes there are families that seem to be the essence of a town. I have always felt that East Haven was filled with loving, kind, thoughtful and hardworking people, people who care about each other and strive to help each other whenever a need arises. We’ve seen it happen here in East Haven many times.

The family we’re referring to is the Katz family that has owned Goody’s since its first years here in East Haven. We have known three generations, and the family has been serving East Haven all that time. There may even be a fourth generation we don’t know about. We remember Libby, Goodwin’s wife, whom we called Mrs. Goody’s. Whenever she saw us, she would give us something from the store. One day I told Danny, one of her sons, that someday she was going to give the store away. He said, “She already has!” The other generations have continued the kind service to everyone. The family always gives back to East Haven, and I think we all know it.

We would like to acknowledge the family owners and their family of employees for all the many years of friendship, kindness, and service they have given to us and to everyone in East Haven.

Don and Peggy Thomas
East Haven