Monday, January 18, 2021


Asleep at the Switch

People move to Madison for the beaches and schools, and we have basic expectations that our town government manage these unique assets professionally and competently.

Unfortunately, this summer’s beach pass fiasco has highlighted that someone seems to be asleep at the switch! Town residents have been catapulted into panic mode over their ability to use our beaches without being slapped with a hefty fine due to the ever-changing goal posts of registration procedures and enforcement.

The new online registration system has suffered delay after delay. Although it has finally launched, it is still a time-consuming, cumbersome, eight-step muddle.

As a result, Madison residents have been subjected to four different beach pass systems in just the last two months—last year’s passes, temporary passes, online registration, and free for all, since many disgusted beachgoers simply drive in and park.

Summer is what we are supposed to do best in this town—what happened?

Paul Kessinger