Monday, January 18, 2021


A Heartfelt Thank You

Our heartfelt thank you goes to the crew who responded to a medical emergency early on the morning of Saturday, June 1.

They were professional and compassionate; all the time working together and informing my husband of what they were doing. I honestly did not know the seriousness, but I knew they moved quickly to stabilize him; all the time while working in a very small area.

My husband remembers nothing of what occurred and even though one of the crew attempted to give me a scope of what was being done, I only remember his compassion in speaking with me.

East Haven should be proud of and grateful to our firefighters and medical responders. My words alone do not express adequately our appreciation.

Through an acquaintance I was able to learn some of their names: Ritchie (Deponte), Andy (Appuzzo), Gordon (Stewart) and Mike. I apologize if I have been remiss in not mentioning all responders who were here.

I am a forever grateful resident!

Beverly Poe
East Haven