Monday, January 18, 2021


Eagles for Life

I attended the GHS graduation ceremony on June 14. The setting on the Guilford Green was perfect with great weather and a beautiful venue. Principal Rick Misenti read aloud the incredible amount of accomplishments achieved by the Class of 2019 including those related to athletics, academics, and community service. Not mentioned, however, was that fact that 10 young men who walked across the stage to receive their diplomas are eagle scouts. In fact, each of these individuals have been in scouting for almost 10 years.

By the time a boy earns his eagle, he is experienced in leadership, communication, and citizenship. Personal character as been built through many outdoor opportunities offered by the scouting program. Lastly, each eagle candidate is required to manage a service project—calendar planning, getting approvals and donations, and scheduling youth and adult volunteer labor, as well as seeing the project through to completion and approval as “done” by the beneficiary, which is very often the Town of Guilford.

Look around town from our beaches to our trails and parks—eagle service projects have had a fabulous impact. The fact that 10 GHS graduates receiving diplomas are eagle scouts is significant in many ways. They are eagle for life and men of tomorrow—congratulations!

Mark Mackowiak