Sunday, September 20, 2020


Keep Them On a Leash

The Guilford Conservation Commission continues to receive complaints that dog owners are allowing their pets to run loose on town properties and open spaces.

Town properties are Timberlands, East River Preserve, James Valley Preserve, and Braemore Preserve. Open spaces are the town green, Chittenden park and Chaffinch Island park. Dog owners are reminded that every trailhead has signs posted requesting dogs be kept on a leash.

We have come to understand that hikers, particularly those with children, are deterred from using trails on these properties due to the likelihood of being approached by a boisterous dog. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing whether these animals pose any real threat or are just being friendly.

Dog owners are reminded that we now have the dog park at Nut Plains, where their pets are welcome to run and play free. Of course dogs are always welcome on the town properties mentioned, but we ask all owners to please keep them on a leash for the comfort of other hikers.

Additionally, to avoid damage to our delicate environments all hikers are reminded to remain on marked trails only and to pick up after their pets, in consideration to their fellow hikers.

Patrizia Di Lonardo

Patrizia Di Lonardo serves on the Guilford Conservation Commission.