Saturday, September 19, 2020


Up and Running Again

After being in East Haven High School for four years and participating in Unified Sports for two, I believe that encouraging students to participate in Unified Sports is very important.

When I was in high school, there was a good number of students who participated in the afterschool program. You could see the joy and happiness that the special education students felt from being in this program. They were able to interact with other special education students and with students who were not special education who participated. When we would go on field trips to different schools, seeing how excited they were to go and to play was something that brought so much happiness to everyone around them.

I recently emailed Mr. Fred Parcesepe, a special education teacher at East Haven High School, and he informed me that while after-school programs could always be funded more, fewer special education students have been participating in the after-school program, along with volunteer students to help with the program. In the past few years, the students who participate in the Unified Sports Program has dwindled so low that there is not even a program anymore. It is solely and simply on the students.

There is a gym class for the students with disabilities, but there is no afterschool program for them anymore. I believe that an effort needs to be made to get students to participate in this afterschool program again. A gym class is something, but I believe that there needs to be more.

We need to make an effort to get this program up and running again! If your readers have any questions or concerns feel free to email Mr. Parcesepe at or me at

Julia Delguidice
East Haven