Saturday, September 26, 2020


If I May Suggest

I just read through the police blotter in the latest edition of the Valley Courier. It seems that there are an awful lot of minor vehicle accidents going on. Most of them seem preventable such as following too close or distracted by an animal in the backseat.

I’ve noticed while driving the speed limit or five miles per hour over, that more often than not, someone will be following too close because I’m not speeding. I drove fast when I was younger and got so many tickets that they forced me to go to driver retraining. Therefore, I leave a few minutes earlier so I don’t have to speed. Also, driving your vehicle close to the one in front of you to try to make them hurry up is bullying and road rage.

So if I may suggest to those folks who drive around so impatiently to please stop following so closely, it would be greatly appreciated.

Neal Damato