Monday, January 18, 2021


The Youth are Not Alone

Recently an article showing purple flags was not about DAY week but about the DEA’s national take back drugs day [“Medication Take Back Day April 27,” April 25]. I was not happy.

The whole essence of DAY is to celebrate our youth and to let them know we as a community care about them. It is a week-long compilation of all the hard work the adult and student volunteers do all year to promote a positive environment. The inspirational messages seen around town are there to say the youth are not alone. We care about them. We want them to make positive choices.

Guilford received a grant in 2011 to build a community coalition to reduce risky behavior, combat drugs, alcohol use, and bullying. Developmental assets are the building blocks that consist of preventative measures, positive reinforcement, and a strong foundation to aid our youth to become healthy and responsible adults. The key components: positive and caring family and community support, encouraging positive school climates, useful youth roles in the community, youth programs, achievement motivation, and that the youth are personally responsible for their positive view of their future.

Every year we place flags on our property and tie purple ribbons on our trees to say, “We support our youth.” They are the future. DAY week is about our youth and we acknowledge them as an integral part of our lives. Maybe next time an article can be written about how much we care about our youth and not a national drug take back day.

Andrea Sang

Editor’s note: As noted in the article, Guilford’s medication take-back day was organized in part by Guilford DAY (Developmental Assets for Youth) as part of its DAY Week efforts.