Monday, January 18, 2021


Only One Dog Park

As the chair of Guilford’s Land Stewardship Committee, I spend a lot of time hiking the trails in our town-owned preserves (Timberlands, East River, and Braemore). Sadly, I often encounter dogs off-leash in these preserves, in violation of the clear leash law placards at all trail entrances.

At Guilford’s EarthFest, a member of the Conservation Commission had a conversation with someone who was convinced that the East River Preserve is the town’s dog park. There’s only one dog park in town, at Nut Plains Park. Dogs should not be off-leash in any town preserves.

I encourage dog owners to obey leash laws. I’m a dog lover, but I don’t like to be surprised or jumped on by someone else’s animal who is off-leash. There’s always a risk that your off-leash pet will harm someone else’s dog or another hiker.

Doug Clark