Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Finding the Right Balance

I had the opportunity to attend an informational session concerning the education budget at the Clinton Library and came away incredibly impressed by Superintendent of Schools Maryann O’Donnell and the members of the Board of Education. Mrs. O’Donnell covered the contents of a large informational packet that she clearly spent a considerable amount of time helping to create.

There was an opponent of the education budget present who challenged Mrs. O’Donnell on components of the budget, and she quickly and confidently directed the group to her booklet, which contained detailed analysis and explanations as to how decisions were made. There were extensive spreadsheets, actuarial analysis, regional benchmarking, future forecasts, and many other detailed analyses.

I went into the meeting as a supporter of the education budget. I have spent time reviewing past budgets and had a general idea that a lot of good people spent a lot of time working on a budget that was both in the best interest of our children and also prudent in terms of dollars spent. I left the meeting so impressed it is hard to put into words.

The amount of work and painstaking detail that Mrs. O’Donnell and the Board of Education puts into finding the right balance is well beyond what I had even expected. I am confident they have put forth a budget that needs to be passed on the first vote. I encourage everyone, especially the parents of Clinton, to please go out and vote “Yes” for the education budget.

Chris Passante