Monday, January 18, 2021


Family Pride

I wish to express my gratitude and publicly acknowledge how proud I am of my brother Joe Carfora. I am saying this strictly from a family perspective and not as his mayoral campaign manager, which I am flattered to serve as.

In his recent announcement for his mayoral candidacy in East Haven, he openly and honestly aired his financial circumstances that developed as a direct result as the caretaker of our parents. Everything he said was true.

Due to the nature of my brother’s and my respective jobs, we were all unable to devote the time necessary to assist our mother and father properly. Joe stepped up to the plate as his job had the most flexibility, but it came at a cost to him personally, about which he has been forthright.

All families at one time or another will be faced with these unfortunate but inevitable situations as it is a part of life. I can only hope that other families are lucky enough to have a Joe Carfora to come to the rescue when it is needed the most. Our entire family thanks him for his sacrifice.

Al Carfora
East Haven