Sunday, May 16, 2021


The Coming Year

The holiday season is a time when we enjoy good cheer and look forward to the promise of a bright new year. It is a time when we resolve to do the things that didn’t get done in the old year, and fix the things that need fixing.

For me, the coming year will be both demanding and promising. On Wednesday, Jan. 9, I will be sworn in to represent the 33rd District in the State Senate, a responsibility that brings with it significant challenges and exciting new opportunities. That’s why my only resolution this year is to be the common-sense advocate the towns in our district need and deserve. As your readers’ voice in the state senate, I will keep them posted on progress in addressing the issues that concern all of us.

Meanwhile, I hope we can all enjoy the festive spirit and good will that make the holiday season so enjoyable.

State Senator-elect Norm Needleman (D-33)