Wednesday, September 23, 2020


An Apology

I am offering an apology to our neighbors and friends in the Essex Village community. The First Congregational Church in Essex, UCC, at the top of the hill in downtown Essex has been draped in a hideous blue wrap for now more than a year. Every 30 years or so, the façade of our bell tower weathers too much of our New England weather and needs refurbishing. There were places we could literally push a fist through the exterior wood due to rot. We contracted with a firm we believe would provide the best repair and replacement materials to last beyond another 30 years. In doing so, this took an extended time.

On behalf of the members of our Congregation and myself, we extend this apology for the length of presence of this sight. It is with a hopeful expectation that we believe the wrap and the scaffolding will be removed before the end of December, perhaps earlier.

Rev. Kenneth Peterkin
Minister, First Congregational