Saturday, September 19, 2020


Her Gift, Our Loss

A gifted administrator in Branford, Margaret-Mary Gethings, principal of John B. Sliney School, resigned recently. She spent three years and a few months this year promoting excellence at Sliney: in students, teachers, support staff, and parents. Her work ethic, passion, and energy were felt by all. Each student was known to her and they, in turn knew her because she made sure, they knew she cared. She cared and made it known about the good things they did and the not-so-good things they did. The same was true for teachers and parents.

The overwhelming feeling was Mrs. Gethings is someone who is involved with the entire school community’s wellness and will go to great expense, in and of her own time and energy, to get the best results in both the good and bad situations that inevitably happen. Her knowledge and professional acumen in one-on-one conferences and public meetings is irrefutable.

Margaret Gethings pioneered so many new, innovative, and positive academic and extra-curriculum events it would be difficult to list. Where and how she developed her conviction to make Sliney strive to be the best, achieve the highest standards, and incorporate a wonderful community is a gift. It is her gift and our loss.

Tom Salvin