Saturday, September 26, 2020


An Enduring Commitment

As parents of teen daughters, we are concerned about the future of women’s rights. That is one of the many reasons why we support Christine Palm for state representative in the 36th House District. Christine is smart, authentic, and guided by personal values. She has demonstrated an enduring commitment to women and children during her ten years as a researcher and policy analyst at the state capitol.

Christine’s rich understanding and knowledge of issues related to women’s rights have made her a valued consultant to our elected officials in both the Executive and Legislative branches. She has much needed expertise in areas of sexual violence and workplace harassment, providing consultation and training in corporate and non-profit settings.

While this is Christine’s first run for political office, she shines in the breadth and depth of her experience. She values the role of women in families and in the workplace, and is deeply concerned about family economic security and healthcare needs. Christine is aware of the challenges of being the family caretaker, and in some cases, the provider. She will fight for equal pay for equal work, an increase in the minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, affordable healthcare, and expanded opportunities for women in a dynamic workforce. She is also aware of the growing threat to women’s reproductive rights and the need to protect them.

Christine would bring energy and passion to her role as state representative. She is a fearless candidate and will be a forceful leader we can depend on. Christine Palm is a winning vote for all families.

Jennifer and Jeff Farrell