Wednesday, January 27, 2021


A Particularly Petty Week

Recently, on the way to brunch in Westbrook, my husband and I noticed clusters of local political signs, everyone’s voice represented at the busy intersection. After finishing our crepes and omelettes, we saw only the Democrat signs were gone. Talk about ruining a nice breakfast!

This ends a particularly petty week of Democrats in local races having their hard-earned signs snatched. Theresa Govert and Christine Palm, both running for state representative, both with small budgets and big grassroots support, both being erased from the front yards of people who champion them. These women aren’t faceless national political figures with deep dark-money pockets, they’re neighbors. These signs are political speech of our neighbors, and stealing them means the thief has no respect for a little thing known as the First Amendment.

Christine Palm has kept her pledge to run a clean race, even as her signs are stolen and trashed across Haddam.

So my husband and I devised a complicated rigging of wire and fence posts, just to speak our minds on our own darn property. A warning to would-be censors of free speech: My signs may or may not have been smeared with poison ivy.

Sarah Ficca
Deep River