Wednesday, December 01, 2021


A Deep Commitment

I am voting “Yes” in Clinton May 10, on both the town and school budget referendums, and I would like to explain my vote.

I have no children in the schools. I have no family working in town government. I have no family working in the schools.

What I have is a deep commitment to the health and wellbeing of this beautiful little town and all the people who live in it. I believe in investing in my community and the public services that define a democracy.

I am delighted and fortunate to be living in Clinton, on the Connecticut Riviera, where a fine Police Department and Fire Department stand at the ready; where the schools are staffed by dedicated professionals; where the services of town government are extensive and helpful.

Of course there is room for improvement, but underfunding programs is not the way to make positive change.

I encourage my fellow residents of Clinton to vote “Yes” on our budgets, and join me in volunteering to serve in town government.

Bethany Knight

Bethany Knight serves on the Fair Rent Commission.