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09/28/2016 08:00 AM

Section is Sorely Needed

I strongly support immediate approval of the first segment of the Shoreline Greenway Trail from the East River to the junction of Route 146 and Route One. Even if no other sections of the trail were ever built through Guilford, and riders were forced to use Boston Street and Route 146 past my home for the transit to Branford and Stony Creek, this section is sorely needed.

In my opinion, climbing the hill from the East River bridge heading west is one of the most dangerous sections of highway for bikers in all of Guilford. The combination of an extremely narrow shoulder and a sharp, almost blind turn in one stretch of the climb puts riders at great risk of injury.

The loss of federal and state grant money aside, approving this section of the trail now, without the need for a complete trail plan for the town, is in the best interests of anyone who rides a bicycle or walks this route.

Douglas Hoon