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01/27/2016 07:00 AM

It Will Re-emerge

During its Jan. 19 business meeting, the North Branford Town Council voted to end the “preferred developer” status of CenterPlan, as it relates to developing 1500 Foxon Road (known to many as Wall Field).

The council’s vote provides an opportunity for citizens and town boards to reconsider plans and decisions that emerged from the charrette process.

Now, at the bright beginning of this New Year, the table is clear and discussions may proceed anew with a view toward re-imagining how this choice, central property will greet residents and visitors in town.

The old buildings need to be demolished, which will be costly, and the land will no longer support a little league field, but 1599 Foxon Road is an important location in the memories of may residents: surely, with careful consideration it will re-emerge as an attractive and welcoming central host to nurture local lives.

I hope town residents think about the potential of this very valuable town property and with good will welcome the chance to again ponder our future development.

George I. Miller

North Branford