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02/10/2015 11:00 PM

Consider the Evacuation Zone

In Murdock, Illinois, a 30,000-gallon propane railroad car exploded. Its 12,000-pound tank flew 3,650 feet-seven-tenths of a mile! The people of North Branford should think about this before allowing a 60,000-gallon storage facility in their town.

If there is ever any type of danger from the propane storage facility such as a broken valve, a leak, or a fire, all people within a one-mile radius are mandated by the National Fire Prevention Code 58 to evacuate to a safer distance.

Here is a 32-street list of properties (from the assessor's office) that are located within

the one-mile-radius evacuation zone, followed by the number of affected residences:

Altiere Drive, 12; Bailey Drive, 28; Beech Street, 22; Calvin Drive, 6; Church Street, 5; Circle Drive, 20; Ciro Road, 12; Clear Lake Manor Drive, 25; Clear Lake Road, 36; Dinwoodie Drive, 18; Evergreen Road, 8; Fowler Road, 9; Foxon Road (numbers 1535 to 2455), 61; Frederick Street, 12; Glenwood Road, 39; Hunter Hill Road, 9; Lea Road, 8; Ledgewood Road, 25; Loeber Place, 10; McMahon Lane, 21; North Street, 24; Notch Hill Road (numbers 120 to 335), 58; Olson Road, 14; Overlook Drive, 13; Pomps Lane, 9; Sea Hill Road (numbers 1 to 204), 46; Squire Drive, 9; West Pond Road, 61; West Pond Road Ext., 16; White Wood Lane, 9; Wilderness Drive, 9; and Wildwood Road, 7.

There are 661 properties on the listed streets, times the town's average of 2.5 people per property. This totals an estimated 1,653 people in the one-mile evacuation radius of 40 Ciro Road, the proposed site for J.J. Sullivan's propane storage facility.

Is propane storage good for North Branford?

James FlahertyNorth Branford