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01/20/2015 11:00 PM

Desire and Willingness to Participate

Each year during the holiday season, the community of Northford and North Branford, as well as the staff of all town departments, comes together to support those fellow citizens in need. This Office of Social Services would like to thank the following persons for not only their generosity, but more important, their desire and willingness to participate and be an integral part of the community. Without their time and efforts, these programs could not take place. We thank them for their donations and volunteerism.

Martha Meizies; Wayne Sinisagalli; Lynn Gomez; North Branford Family Resource Center staff; Anne Marie McCarthy; Aloha Mosher; Roberta Romano; Knights of Columbus, St. Augustine Church; Damian Denegre; John Calamita; Dominic Savo; Bonnie Anderson; St. Andrews Church; Lesley Williams; Jennifer Ash; Henry Fernandez; Jill Fee; North Branford Police Department; North Branford Town Hall staff; North Branford Public Works staff; North Branford Park & Rec staff; North Branford Senior Center staff; Rita Smith; Gina Cox; Michelle Knockwood; all donors to Toys for Tots; Ruth Orifice; Robert Paturzo; North Branford Cub Scout Pack #455; Jadeane Grant; Geri Moyer; Joan Williams; North Branford Public Schools Mental Health Team; Evergreen Woods staff; Evergreen Woods Food Service Director Jimmy Misbach; Diane O'Hearn, AIC Alumni, Alpha Upsilon Sister; North Branford Police Department Union; North Branford Police Department dispatchers; Dt. Sergeant Anderson; Lt. Gary Ripa; Sergeant Anthony DeLuise; Annie's Kitchen; Cindy Vanacore; Beth Cassanova family; Becky Carmosino; Barbara Amato; Fran Belmont; Nicki DiViesta; the Orifice family; North Branford Women's Club; Eileen LaVoie; Joan Damiano Campbell; Mary Marquis Palmer; Justin Infantino; Richard Wesley; Diane Ramsey; Catherine Minichinio; Nicole Rohde; and Bonnie Fucci.

Luisa Franco BreenNorth Branford Office of Social Services