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10/22/2014 12:00 AM

A Committed Advocate

Since he announced his candidacy for state senator of the 12th District, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ted Kennedy, Jr. He is a hard-working, caring, and compassionate individual, and I know he will work hard for North Branford in the State Senate.

As a social worker assisting veterans with disabilities and a small business owner supporting individuals in early recovery, I recognize the passion and dedication that has been Ted Kennedy, Jr.'s, life work. He is a committed advocate for the self-determination and civil rights of people with disabilities.

Moreover, Ted is committed to growing our economy. He will incorporate ideas from CT20x17, a non-partisan effort to make Connecticut a more economically competitive state for the benefit of all residents.

The need for experienced, knowledgeable, and most of all caring public servants could not be greater. Ted Kennedy, Jr., meets and exceeds all of these criteria.

Without any hesitation, I am proudly voting for Ted Kennedy, Jr., on Nov. 4. Ted shares our 12th District's commonsense values and he will serve us well.

Karen AblondiNorth Branford