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11/26/2013 11:00 PM

A Small Breath of Fresh Air

The Economic Development Commission has scheduled a meeting on Dec. 14, a Saturday afternoon, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at the North Branford Intermediate School Cafeteria. It will be a workshop meeting to brainstorm citizens for their input on how to deal with the Route 80 corridor.

The old Wall Field is part of that corridor and some of our town fathers and mothers have set their eyes on selling Wall Field for commercial development. There are several layout ideas of just how the field could be developed by Yale with stores and parking. A lifelong citizen also has added a couple of his ideas for a park. I feel the field should be saved and put into some kind of park or open space. The whole Route 80 corridor from the Guilford line to the intermediate school has nothing for either park or open space for our citizens to enjoy.

It seems to me as a 77 year-old lifelong resident that grew up playing on that field and watched it develop into a much-used Little League field over the years for the enjoyment of many generations, it should continue to be a park or at least open space.

I hope this will fire up a lot of citizen input for this meeting with the commission. Of course I hope to get a lot of public input and support to save the Wall Field for a park, open space, or whatever the citizens would come up with. It should continue as a park or open space, a small breath of fresh air for the center of North Branford.

I encourage your readers to try to attend the meeting and get their feelings and ideas out. Hopefully we can work together to come up with something our citizens can use, enjoy, and be happy with.

Dudley HarrisonNorth Branford