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10/22/2012 12:00 AM

Has Honored Returning Veterans

I am sure that all of us have read articles about our soldiers who are returning from active duty and who are having a difficult time finding jobs. Finding a job in Connecticut has especially been difficult because of the current unemployment rate. There are just more job candidates than there are available jobs.

State Senator Ed Meyer is doing all that he can up in Hartford to get our state's economy moving in a positive direction and he is trying to help businesses create jobs.

Some of the legislation that Senator Meyer has worked on recently is a program that subsidizes training and employment programs for businesses. Some of these programs benefit veterans, such as the $900-per-month tax credit that employers will receive for every veteran that they employ.

It sometimes seems that our returning combat veterans are welcomed back and thanked, but then we lose interest in them. Making state-subsidized training and employment programs available to these veterans is one of the best ways we can both honor and thank our returning veterans.

Senator Meyer, via his support of these training and employment programs, has honored our returning combat veterans. I am giving him my vote in November. I encourage your readers to consider thanking Senator Meyer for the work he has done to help combat veterans obtain employment by honoring him with their votes.

Samantha FondaNorth Branford