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10/15/2012 12:00 AM

Understands What It Takes

With great pleasure I declare my support for Cindy Cartier for State Senate. As a business owner myself, I can attest to the difficulties of maintaining a successful company in this economy. I believe Cindy understands the importance of growing local businesses and making the unemployed optimistic about their future. A new vision is what this state needs and our district needs Cindy's vision and noble integrity for a brighter future.

The most important issue facing our state today is jobs and the economy. At a time when unemployment has actually increased to nine percent and the state has lost 6,800 jobs in the month of August, we need elected leaders who will tackle this challenge head on and put policies in place to help small businesses grow and begin hiring again.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters have an important choice to make. We can either continue on the path of status quo or we can change course and elect someone with the skills that are so needed today. As a small-business owner, Senate candidate Cindy Cartier understands what it takes to get our economy moving again.

For this reason, the National Federation of Independent Business and the REALTORS Political Action Committee have endorsed Cindy Cartier for State Senate. She is also the true independent candidate having been endorsed by the Independent Party. It is clear that we need to change course and elect someone who will stand up for working families by supporting small businesses and encouraging job creation. Next month, I will proudly be casting my vote for Cindy Cartier and hope that your readers will join me.

Crystal Tananykin North Branford