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09/17/2012 12:00 AM

Let's Give a Cheer

Thanks for Chris Piccirillo's article on competitive cheerleading in Connecticut. The Sept. 6 article was titled "Bring It On," an obvious reference to the movie about cheerleaders called Bring It On. Your readers may be interested in knowing that this movie has a Branford connection: it was written by Jessica Bendinger, who grew up in Branford. In addition to having written and consulted on Sex and the City and a number of other projects, Ms. Bendinger wrote and directed the excellent movie Stick It, which featured teenaged girls involved in gymnastics. She did not work on the current Broadway show Bring It On, but that show is based on her original movie.

It's great when writers (and any artists) get credit for their contributions. Good job, Chris, on the issues of whether or not cheerleading is a competitive sport-and let's give a special cheer for Jessica Bendinger, too!

Ginny Bales Jay GitlinNorth Branford