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03/17/2011 12:00 AM

Letters All Too Often Slanted

Throughout my life, I've subscribed to and read a wide variety of daily newspapers on a local and national level. I've always found the Letters to the Editor section to be interesting, representing a good and broad perspective of what's important in the community through readers' comments. What concerns me about this same section of the East Haven Courier is an increasing tendency on the publisher's part to allow it to become a political soapbox for each of the political parties in our town. These letters do not serve any purpose other than to attack the opposite party and/or launch personal attacks on opposing party members. While the letters are sometimes informative, they are all too often slanted toward a specific and broader political party. The public is best served with the inclusion of an Op-Ed page that leaves the current letters section to those who wish to express opinions without setting party based agendas.

I am one of the many who is disillusioned and unhappy with what is occurring in East Haven. I believe that we are a town in transition, with the possibility of a slow downward spiral without better leadership. Our schools are not run well. There is much to be accomplished in order to turn East Haven around financially and aesthetically. Although a registered Democrat, I will cross party lines in the next election to work with the Republican candidate for mayor in his bid for this position.

I urge our citizens to take time to express their views about our town. This is the true forum that attracts the attention of our fellow neighbors and will be the ultimate decision-changer in East Haven. We will more likely read our fellow citizens' and peers' views rather than a specific representative of a political party.

C. Wick Wolfe

East Haven