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07/10/2022 12:00 AM

Pirates Overtake Marlins for First Place in Deep River Horseshoe League

Mark Goodale of Clinton put forth a season-best performance during Week 10 action in the Deep River Horseshoe League, setting league-high marks in multiple categories. Goodale’s Marlins took a 5-1 loss to the Pirates, who moved up to first place in the standings with the win. File photo by Kelley Fryer/Harbor News

It may have been the last day of June, but the Royals and Marlins started their Fourth of July celebration early when they met up in a prime-time matchup during Week 10 play in the Deep River Horseshoe League. The Royals defeated the Marlins by a 5-1 score on June 30 to knock the Marlins out of first place in the league standings.

The Royals' win over the Marlins marked the second-straight 5-1 victory for the team, which is led by A Division player John Sciacca of Chester. The Royals have surged from 12thplace in the standings into a second-place tie with the Marlins and Giants. The Pirates are now in first place.

Despite the loss, Clinton resident Mark Goodale of the Marlins turned in an outstanding performance for his team in the matchup. On the night, Goodale tossed for 168 points with 48 ringers and

13 doubles, setting new league season-highs for points, ringers, and doubles in both a series and a game. Goodale also became the first person in the league to record a 50-point game this season.

In other action, Bill Beckwith of Old Lyme led the Red Sox to a 3.5-2.5 victory over the Dodgers in Week 10. Beckwith was the second-leading scorer in the A Division with a 149-point, 39-ringers, 10-double performance, marking his best showing of the season. As a team, the Red Sox topped 300 points for the third time this season and also became the first squad to toss 600 ringers for the year.

The Cardinals came away with a 4-2 win versus the Pirates, keyed by a stellar performance from Kris Toohey of Westbrook. Toohey was the third-leading scorer for the A Division with a 134 series and also posted a 49-point game. Deep River resident Brady Miller of the Cardinals finished with the third-best score in the B Division with a 97 series.

The Pirates edged out the Mets to move into first place. The Pirates won the contest by the final score of 3.5-2.5 to take over the top spot in the league standings.

Goodale (168), Beckwith (149), and Toohey (134) led the pack in the A Division for Week 10 play. Todd Nuhn of Killingworth recorded the best score for the B Division with a 116 and was followed by Westbrook resident Dennis Allen (109) and Miller (107). In the C Division, Anthony Conkling of Marlborough posted the top mark with a

98 series, while Guilford resident Bill Black and Paul Stevens of Higganum finished in a tie for second with their scores of 87.

The Pirates have a record of 36-24 as they sit atop the standings in the Deep River Horseshoe League. The Marlins, Giants, Royals are all tied for second with their records of 33.5-26.5. The White Sox are in fifth place at 33-27, and the Orioles sit in sixth place with a mark of 32.5-27.5. Here is how the rest of the standings are panning out right now: Cardinals (32-28), Rangers (31-29), Tigers (31-29), Red Sox (31-29), Padres (30-30), Yankees (28-32), Dodgers (28-32), Cubs (28-32), Reds (27-33), Braves (25-35), Mets (23-37), and Angels (23-37).

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Guilford resident Bill Black finished in a tie for second place among C Division throwers with a score of 87 when Week 10 play in the Deep River Horseshoe League took place on June 30. File photo by Wesley Bunnell/The Courier