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08/31/2017 12:01 AM

Like Cheese, Only Better

I’ve heard so many great things about Three Girls Vegan Creamery, but haven’t yet had a chance to visit their new place at 350 Stepstone Hill Road in Guilford, which is usually open only on Sundays. But a friend did recently and brought me some marinated ciliegini “mozzarella” pearls. Oh my. They didn’t taste as good as regular mozz. It somehow tasted better, like mozzarella and butter combined. I also sampled some vegan “parmesan” crisps, which were also delicious. I made a note to make it up there one Sunday. And then, when I was shopping in FoodWorks, 450 Boston Post Road, Guilford, I noticed some Three Girls products in the refrigerated case. I grabbed some “cheeze” wheels (including an Old Fashioned Fireball, black peppercorn, and one with cranberry, pistachio, thyme, and pumpkin seed). There were fabulous, and adorable, each one nestled into a ring of butcher paper, and tied with red and white butcher string. I checked with one of the shopkeepers, and she said FoodWorks will have a limited amount in stock, “for as long as they last,” which, now that I know they’re there, won’t be long. Check them out at, or on Facebook.

—Pem McNerney