Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Out of Hiding











Maybe you have a brooch from Aunt Esther that's been in your jewelry box for 30 years. You think it's good a piece, but when you wear it, you feel like you're 90. Or maybe you have a beautiful engagement ring from your grandmother with loads of sentimental value, but you can't get it over the knuckle of your pinky finger.

Jaime Polk and Katherine Rosenberg-Pineau are here to help. With decades of jewelry experience between them, these co-owners of 21C Designs in Madison are passionate about turning old gems into beautiful, one-of-kind pieces that can be worn every day.

"Jewelry was meant to be worn, not sit in a jewelry box. We love helping customers figure out what to do with older pieces, what to melt, what to sell, what has value, and what does not," Rosenberg-Pineau says.

Polk adds, "We love getting to know our clients. It's a joy to be a part of their sentimental journey, to interpret their personal style into a customized piece they enjoy wearing."

The studio, located in a welcoming "she shed" behind Angie Lu in Madison, is open Friday and Saturday and by appointment.

All designs created by 21C Designs in Madison for individual clients

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