Saturday, September 26, 2020


Ripe, Fresh, and In Season


So many cocktails depend on a pre-made bar mix, and more often than not, those mixes are full of artificial colors, flavorings, high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs, any number of preservatives to make sure the mix is shelf stable. That's where New Haven-based RIPE comes in.

RIPE Bar Juice is handcrafted and the company pledges that its bar juices are free of all things "phony." And a glance at the label for the Classic Cranberry bar juice reveals its ingredients: reverse osmosis filtered water, cold-pressed cranberries, and 100% organic cane sugar. That's it. Really. And the same can be said of each of RIPE's bar juices from the Agave Margarita all the way down to the Classic Cosmopolitan.

For a seasonal flavor, put RIPE to the test and try out a cranberry apple highball.


1 part bourbon

1 part RIPE Lemon Sour

1 part RIPE Cranberry

Splash of Apple Cider

Lemon Wheel



Combine bourbon, RIPE Lemon Sour, and RIPE Cranberry in a mixing glass, and shake over ice. Strain over ice in a high ball glass with lemon and cranberries for garnish.

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