Friday, December 04, 2020

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Food Drive in Hotchkiss Grove / Pine Orchard Neighborhoods


Neighborhood Food Drives

Neighborhood Food Drives )

After donations of over 1000 lbs of food and $300 for the Branford Food Pantry from the Pawson Park neighborhood, Karen Polhemus facilitated the organization of another food drive in the Hotchkiss Grove/Pine Orchard neighborhoods. Over the past two weeks, Alina and Nicola Colossale and Diane Fusco distributed flyers for the food drive scheduled on Saturday, June 6. On the day of the drive, Branford High School juniors, Nicola, Melissa Juliano, Bella Santos, and Madi Knolbel collected food in one neighborhood, while Diane, Adeline Glidden and Karen collected food in another. Together we were able to collect over 600 lbs. of food and over $1800. It is uplifting to know that in these uncertain times people are so willing to provide a helping hand to the residents of Branford. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated their time, food and money to make both food drives a resounding success. 

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