Sunday, September 20, 2020


Speak Up and Show Support

A recent letter discussing the SAFER Branford march in town [Aug. 6 letter “Message Was Hateful” by Sandy Peccerillo] caused me to look up the video link mentioned by the editor, SAFER Branford Instagram page. Videos on the link from the SAFER Branford march denigrating the Branford Police Department were quite disturbing. I encourage readers to check them out!

I was appalled and offended by the chants of the protesters saying, “F___ the Racist Police” and referring to the racist Branford Police Department. To slander our community’s police with such blanket statements like that is inexcusable.

I want to encourage Branford citizens to speak up and show support for our police department in whatever way they feel led. I noticed that someone has placed blue ribbons by the police department. One idea is to place a blue ribbon on our mailboxes like many did a few years back. I intend to do this .

Those who are a Branford Facebook friend of mine or a neighbor and would like a ribbon for their mailbox and even their neighbors, let me know on my page or messenger or text and I will get them one. I am making enough for about 60 mailboxes.

Kate Hvizdak