Saturday, September 26, 2020


A Constant Nuisance

I must address a constant nuisance affecting downtown Branford. Different groups of teenagers on bikes have taken to popping wheelies whenever there’s a chance to show off, be it on the green, at the railway station, or in the middle of traffic on Main Street.

I witnessed a boy’s near miss with a car in the opposite lane last week, and also know a boy who was severely injured with multiple leg fractures when a boy popping a wheelie collided with him. The guilty boy showed no remorse and learned no lesson. More than one resident I know has warned these boys of the danger they pose themselves and others, but the only response has been a string of curses. And what will the town of Branford have to say when the inevitable tragedy occurs and one of these boys falls beneath the wheels of a moving car?

Hopefully we can all be spared a future self-serving eulogy from the authorities by seeing some effective community response in the present.

Glenn Stefanovics