Saturday, September 26, 2020


Thoughts and Concerns

The more I learn, hear, and think about the big apartment developments planned along the Branford River, the more I become concerned about what this will mean for those of us who own homes in the adjacent neighborhoods.

The three projects—Mariner’s Landing, Tidal Basin, and Atlantic Wharf—are packed into a relatively short span of land right along the river. I believe all this development could increase property values, but at what cost for homeowners who want to stay in their present homes? Our property taxes are likely to increase, as the Town of Branford faces higher expenses for the additional police, fire, public works, and emergency services needed to tend to a big uptick in the town’s population.

I want to encourage all concerned residents and homeowners to attend the Thursday, Sept. 3 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, where the two most recent proposals will be discussed, and to send an email to the commission. It’s important that neighborhood residents’ thoughts and concerns be heard.

Gia Polio