Sunday, September 20, 2020


A Voice in Hartford

We moved several years ago from New Jersey to Old Saybrook. We did so because we fell in love with the community’s kind people and beautiful environment. We always have concerns, though, about the cost-of-living in Connecticut and that’s why we are happy that State Representative Devin Carney (R-23) represents us at the State Capitol.

Devin has always stood up for taxpayers and has worked tirelessly to ensure that taxpayers have a voice in Hartford. He stood up to the majority and stopped tax proposals on accounting services, legal services, and, yes, even veterinary services. He also stopped policies that would have raised our property taxes such as passing teacher pension costs onto the municipal level and giving the state the authority to set higher property tax rates on cars.

As many families and seniors are maneuvering through the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath, there is a great worry that the state will raise taxes. Devin knows this is no time to do that and will stand up against future proposals to do so.

We are confident Devin will continue to put the district and its taxpayers first and encourage folks to vote to re-elect him on Nov. 3. Their wallets will thank them.

Jan Furman
Michael Osnato

Old Saybrook