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Letters • Published Oct. 17, 2018 08 a.m.

A Particularly Petty Week

Recently, on the way to brunch in Westbrook, my husband and I noticed clusters of local political signs, everyone’s voice represented at the busy intersection. After finishing our crepes...

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Letters • Published Oct. 17, 2018 08 a.m.

Dedicated to Community Service

I met Melissa Ziobron in 1991 when politics were the furthest thing from her mind. Her priorities have always been family, doing what is right, and not being afraid to speak up. Her favorite days...

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Letters • Published Oct. 17, 2018 08 a.m.

Feel Good About Local

I like shopping at the Deep River Adams grocery store because it has good selection and prices and employs local people, especially teenagers, but best of all, I can walk to it. Last Thursday...

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Letters • Published Oct. 17, 2018 08 a.m.

Walking a Fine Line

In a recent press release from State Representative Robert Siegrist (R-36), he reports receiving an endorsement from the Independent Party of Connecticut (“Siegrist Receives Independent...

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Letters • Published Oct. 10, 2018 08 a.m.

More Pressing Issues

Knocking on doors for Christine Palm, Democratic candidate for state representative of the 36th District (Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam) gives me the opportunity to listen to voters talk...

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Letters • Published Sep. 19, 2018 08 a.m.

No More Big Boxes

The site in the front of Walgreen’s is terrible. The store’s lilies didn’t blossom this year because there are so many weeds. There are also brown- or dead shrubs mixed in...

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Letters • Published Aug. 01, 2018 08 a.m.

Ill-Conceived Proposal

Deep River residents should be aware that the Valley Railroad (VRR), which operates the Essex Steam Train, is in serious violation of its town permit. The permit, granted in 2005, specifies that...

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Letters • Published July 25, 2018 08 a.m.

Landing in Jeopardy

Deep River Landing as we know it is in jeopardy. The landing is a meeting place where neighbors walk, push strollers, run, bring their dogs, ride their bikes, and enjoy the quiet safety of our...

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Letters • Published July 03, 2018 08:30 a.m.

‘They Serve the Public’

On June 21, the Deep River Planning & Zoning Commission held a public hearing to discuss the Valley Railroad Application #106: to add a 36-car parking lot (the total would be 49) at 152 River...

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Letters • Published June 20, 2018 08 a.m.

A Show of Appreciation

The Deep River Elementary School (DRES) PTO held a donor appreciation event on May 14. At this event, the PTO thanked the 90 businesses that have supported the PTO with generous donations for its...

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Letters • Published May 16, 2018 08 a.m.

Not a Moral Choice

As a 62 year-old resident of Deep River, I was dismayed to receive an email from my state representative, Bob Siegrist (R-36), titled “Prioritize Progress,” in an email dated April...

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Letters • Published May 02, 2018 08 a.m.

The New Reality

Gun safety is a local issue. When you hear a parent say that her six-year-old was crying because she did not want to go to school, then we all need to pay attention. The child was refusing to wear ...

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Letters • Published April 04, 2018 08 a.m.

The Real Thing

Our current legislative session will address the rising cost of prescription drugs, the opioid crisis, end-of-life care, a woman’s reproductive rights, health care for women and children,...

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Letters • Published Dec. 20, 2017 08 a.m.

Jingle Bell Fun

The organizers of the inaugural R4EF Jingle Bell Run held on Dec. 9 want to take this opportunity to thank all those who made this event the rousing success it was. In spite of the threatening...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

A Successful Formula

My name is Mark Grabowski, a candidate for the Region 4 Board of Education in this upcoming November election.My wife Julia and I moved to Deep River in 2003, and we have five...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Fresh Perspective and New Approach

As chief administrative officer for the Town of Stonington, my work with Republican and Democratic first selectmen ensured the wellbeing of employees and the community. Essex and Stonington share...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Dedication, Experience, and Compassion

Jeannine Lewis deserves our votes for judge of probate. Jeannine brings much more than the requisite label of “attorney” to the position; she brings dedication, experience, and...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Compassion, Knowledge, and Experience

In the last few years, my husband and I have buried four parents. Anyone who has lost a loved one can attest: Probate is a difficult and emotional process, with complexities often unforeseen....

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Keep Moving Forward

I am encouraging voters from Essex to support Norman Needleman and Stacia Rice Libby for the Board of Selectmen, on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Both are the proven leaders of a well functioning...

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Letters • Published Oct. 25, 2017 08 a.m.

Diverse, Enlightened, and Compelling

With the national political scene in such disarray, it’s refreshing to live in a small town where our elected officials work collaboratively and place community wellbeing over self. Quality ...

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Letters • Published Sep. 27, 2017 08 a.m.

Strengthen our Connections

The congregation of Winthrop Baptist Church would like to extend a giant-sized thank you to our friends, neighbors, and community members for helping to make our Sept. 9 tag and bake sale our most ...

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Letters • Published Aug. 09, 2017 08 a.m.

Deep River’s Angels

It is my honor to write this letter in praise of Deep River’s ambulance and police department.On July 17, I was driving home and saw a gentleman lying in a pool of blood and...

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Letters • Published June 07, 2017 08 a.m.

Words Cannot Express

On May 23 I returned home from work to find my husband had wandered away. With the help of local and state police, family, friends, and wonderful neighbors, a search was underway. Residents from...

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Letters • Published April 26, 2017 08 a.m.

Trying to Find the Balance

The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance are currently preparing the 2017-’18 Deep River budget that will be presented to the town for review in May. While trying to find the balance...

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Letters • Published March 29, 2017 08 a.m.

His Dedication was the Foundation

Joseph Miezejeski, a soft-spoken man who skillfully guided Deep River through the 1980s, died on March 13. Joe was an old-school leader who took a ground-level view of the town and “got...

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