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Article Published October 20, 2021

Credentials, Character, and Passion

By Carolyne Soper

My name is Carolyne Soper and I’m a petitioning candidate for the Board of Finance (BOF). I don’t come from a family of politicians and never envisioned myself launching a political campaign, yet here I am, asking for your readers’ support.

First, thanks to all who serve in these volunteer roles; all residents should be grateful for the years these elections went by with minimal intervention from the sidelines. This year the stakes are higher. I believe my credentials, character, and passion for Guilford make me a strong candidate for the BOF. I’m also a first-generation college student. I pursued higher education to ensure financial security for myself and my family. My husband Matt and I moved to Guilford in 2006. Our oldest, Cailey, is now a college freshman; Aidan is a Guilford High School sophomore; and Dylan is at Baldwin. We love Guilford and are grateful to the school system for providing our kids with a fabulous foundation to be lifelong learners.

During my time in the financial services industry, I was a manager for People’s United Bank and a registered investment advisor for People’s Securities. I’m currently a tenured associate professor of economics at CCSU. My experience in finance and education makes me uniquely qualified for a board that often balances the demands of both areas. My goal in running for BOF is to provide Guilford voters with options. Voters have the ability to pick four candidates in this important race. The board that oversees your tax dollars should clearly differentiate itself from extremist views.

I wholeheartedly support Veronica Wallace and Amy Earls and encourage your readers to strongly consider me, Carolyne Soper, and Nick Meyer as petitioning candidates. I also encourage voters to protect Guilford schools and vote rows A and C for the Board of Education.

Carolyne Soper

Carolyne Soper is a petitioning candidate for the Board of Finance.