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Article Published October 20, 2021

What Kind of a Community

By Arnold Skretta

A strong school system is the bedrock of our community and is largely responsible for Guilford’s great desirability and, make no mistake, strong property values. The schools draw many families like mine to live here so that our children thrive. I am running for the Board of Education (I’m on Row A) because I want to safeguard our schools, not just for our kids, but for future generations of kids.

I also want to be further involved in Guilford, which I love dearly. I have come to know current members of the Board of Education. They are collegial across party lines and represent the true spirit of Guilford, a respectful, nonpartisan, and collaborative group who share a common goal of supporting the success of all children, teachers and the schools. Guilford Public Schools are rightfully held in high esteem both state- and nation-wide, which speaks volumes to the success of our administrators, teachers, and student body. This Board of Education election is ultimately a referendum on what kind of a community we want Guilford to be.

We must continue to be a town that puts its children and their education first. By doing this, all of Guilford benefits. I’m a practicing attorney and I currently sit on the Board of Assessment Appeals. I know well the nuance necessary to navigate our legal system, develop a budget, and manage complex issues. This is precisely what a Board of Education member must do: understand civic and educational policies to best serve all of our students, teachers, and taxpayers.

Arnold Skretta

Democrat Arnold Skretta is seeking a seat on the Board of Education.