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Article Published June 9, 2021

Branford Announces New Solar Initiatives

By Press Release, Town of Branford

June 8, 2021:  The Town of Branford is pleased to announce new solar initiatives for our schools and for homeowners.

Utilizing the Connecticut Green Bank's Solar Marketplace Assistance Program (MAP), First Selectman James Cosgrove requested an analysis of all municipal and school buildings to identify ways to achieve energy savings through energy efficient projects and/or the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels. After a thorough analysis, it was determined that the Mary T. Murphy and Mary R. Tisko Schools were the best locations for the installation of Solar PV panels. Clean Energy Committee members, town staff and BOE staff worked with the CT Green Bank Solar MAP to negotiate a Power Purchase Agreement to achieve significant energy savings. ECG, an independent energy consulting firm was retained to review and analyze the contract and agreements. ECG estimated that these projects will result in a total combined cost savings of more than $461,000 to the town over the next twenty years.

The town is also participating in the Solar for All initiative to offer solar and energy efficiency programs to low and moderate income households. Solar for All is a nationally recognized program, financed through a public-private partnership between PosiGen, and the Connecticut Green Bank. The program offers homeowners efficiency upgrades and a no-money-down, no-credit required solar lease to reduce the burden of high energy costs.

The first selectman continues to investigate clean energy initiatives and programs to reduce the town's carbon footprint while bringing savings to local taxpayers. First selectman Cosgrove recently spoke on the Town's initiatives to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy, such as solar, at a state-wide conference held by the Sierra Club, People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE) and the CTEnergyNetwork (CTE). He was also invited to a Green Bank educational conference to speak along with the Mayor of Hartford and the Town Manager of Coventry, with an introduction by Gina McCarthy, President Biden's White House National Climate Advisor.