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Article Published January 6, 2021

For a Friend: Branford Youth Bakes Up $2,250 for CurePSP

By Pam Johnson/

In honor of a family friend, Tisko Elementary School third-grader Haley Wellins put her best baking skills forward in December and raised $2,250 to donate to CurePSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). The Branford youngster was inspired to raise the funds due to her friendship with Branford resident Tony Colavolpe, who is living with the PSP.

Colavolpe's daughter, Andrea Finta, recently contacted The Sound to share this feel-good story.

"Haley is a family friend. Her brother Jack Wellins and my nephew Luca Dilegge play hockey together; so she has been around my dad through his illness," Finta noted in an email response to The Sound. "It was her idea to raise money to put toward researching Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Haley made cookies with my mom, Geri Colavolpe, before Christmas... lots of cookies."

With help from Haley's mom, Tricia Wellins, a virtual bake sale was set up on Facebook on Dec. 19 with a direct link for contributions to the Cure PSP donation site.

"Within an hour all the cookies were sold, and between the cookie sale donations and other people donating to the link, the money was raised," Finta shared. "Haley and her mom drove through Branford dropping off the individually bagged cookies to those that donated to CurePSP. It was just so kind."

PSP is a progressive neurological disease affecting brain cells with no known cause or cure. It affects five to six people in 100,000. To make a donation to CurePSP, visit