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Article Published October 28, 2020

Capable, Trustworthy, and Steadfast

By Matt Hoey

In normal times, a strong relationship between municipal leaders and their elected officials is beneficial to a well-run town. But when a pandemic hits, this close relationship becomes crucial. I am fortunate to have just such a relationship with State Senator Christine Cohen (D-12) and State Representative Sean Scanlon (D-98). Their open lines of communication and responsiveness to our needs have been invaluable to me in the last two years, especially as we have navigated the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christine, as chair of the Environment Committee, has built strong relationships with the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP). Those relationships have been beneficial to me, our staff, and the community as we have negotiated with DEEP on several significant issues. Recently, to help a local resident who had reached out to me regarding of the lack of transportation options for disabled adults traveling to our east and north, Christine pulled together a meeting with the executive director of the 9 Town Transit District to explore opportunities for Guilford to participate in their programs.

Sean has been delivering for his district since he first took office. He quickly earned a strong reputation for effective policy making and has earned the trust and confidence of leadership. The residents of Mulberry Point, Tuttles Point, and Long Cove will see their share of the cost for the recently completed water main project drop as result of a nearly $1.2 million grant. Sean, like Christine, has demonstrated a willingness to fight for his constituents.

Christine and Sean have shown themselves to be capable, trustworthy, and steadfast representatives of Guilford, and now more than ever we need that sort of leadership. I hope your readers will join me in voting by Nov. 3 to continue their work on our behalf in Hartford.

First Selectman Matt Hoey (D)